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I have chosen the date for my event, what happens next?

Your South Charlotte Event Manager will send you a contract to confirm that the date is reserved for your event. The contract will require your signature, as well as an advance deposit for your event. Before signing and returning the contract, please review the contract carefully to be sure that all the details are correct.

When do I need to confirm the number of guests?

The number of attendees is called the “guarantee” number and it is due 14 business days prior to your event. The South Charlotte staff will set the room, and prepare food, for the guarantee number of guests. Final charges are also based on the final guaranteed number of attendees; if the number of guests increases, you will be charged accordingly.

Can I have amplified music at my event?

Yes, amplified music is permitted inside the Hall.

When is the final payment for my event due?

Final payment is based on the estimated charges and is due 1 week prior to the event. Personal checks are not accepted for final payment, however we do accept most major credit cards, money orders and also cash.  Any additional charges incurred on the day of the event must be paid at the conclusion of the event.

How much is the advance deposit and when is it due?

Advance deposits vary for each event and are calculated based on the estimated revenue of the event. The amount of the deposit and the due date will be included in your contract. For information regarding the deposit amount for your event, please contact our Event Manager or Coordinator.

What can The South Charlotte Banquet and Reception Center offer as Food and Beverage services?

We can secure some great yet affordable caterers to meet any food preferences and styles. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and receptions can be arranged through your event planning representative, whether a social or business group.

When do I need to confirm food and beverage plans?

Your Event Manager will assist you with the menu planning and can offer menu suggestions that would be appropriate for your event. All food and beverage must be confirmed no later than 15 days prior to your event.

Can I provide my own food and beverage?

We do not allow any home-cooked foods, cooking in our kitchen, or a non-approved caterer to cater at our facility. You are allowed to provide cakes and desserts if you wish. We offer over 16 approved caterers to choose from for your event. Our extensive list offers many different types of foods at various price ranges to fit any style or budget.

What is a Hall Fee?

The Hall Fee covers the cost of providing the equipment necessary for your event, and the staff necessary to set up and break down the event. This fee enables us to provide the following items for your event: chairs, tables, white or ivory linen table cloths on guest seating tables, dance floor, votive candle centerpieces, and heating/cooling in the room. This fee is subject to a service charge and taxes.

What additional fees might I have?

Items that are not included in our packages include: specialty linens, head table linens, centerpieces, chair covers, catering & bar services, glassware, china.

What are my options for Meetings and Events?

The South Charlotte Banquet Center offers several choices of meeting and event space. The main room can accommodate 200 guests for a sit down dinner and up to 260 for theater type seating. We offer 5’ round tables seating 8 guests each or square tables seating 10 guests each. We can arrange for either round 60 inch tables that seat 8 per table or the latest banquet hall rectangular seating that allows guests to talk across a long table.

Can you tell me about who owns and runs the hall?

The Knights of Columbus is a non profit men’s charitable organization that owns and operates the Banquet Center for the purpose of obtaining funds to donate to charities. All proceeds after the building expenses are donated to charities Council 10852 supports.

Where is it located?

Nestled among the oaks in South Charlotte in the Ballantyne Area just minutes from the Johnston or Rea Road exits off of I-485.

Can my guests spend the night in the nearby?

Of course! We have made arrangements with local area hotels for discounted rates for guests of any reception at our banquet center.

Do you offer any recommendations of service providers for my event or meeting?

Yes, here is a list of our recommended service providers. We have found these vendors are trustworthy and offer professional services at reasonable prices.